Beauty and Brains

Flowers make people happy. Behind the beauty of a flower hides a world of science. Developing new flowers is an art. What will you do?


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Flowers make people happy. You’ll bring them to a birthday or to show someone your appreciation. Research shows that flowers improve our emotional well-being.

But that beautiful bunch of flowers is no fluke.

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Developing new flowers is a true art!

Using modern breeding techniques, breeders and researchers develop new flower varieties with the most vibrant colours, disease resistance or resilience to extreme drought.

Specialists are searching through the DNA to find the best characteristics. You work on the cutting edge of art and science.


“In the United States, consumers want the largest flower possible. You can find these big flowers in Colombia, which I visit at least once a year. In Asian countries, consumers prefer a small, delicate, and perfectly shaped flower. Growers in Colombia find other disease resistances and cultivation characteristics important than growers in Asia. I think it’s great to be able to fulfill those different wishes through breeding!”

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Pieter Doornenbal
Manager Breeding at Dekker Chrysanten
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Seed Valley: global centre

In Seed Valley, we work on the development of new flower varieties. Seed Valley is for the development of new vegetable and flower varieties what Silicon Valley is for IT and software.

Let’s go blooming!