Our team & board

Our team and board of directors are the drivers of the activities of the Seed Valley foundation. The team of the Seed Valley Foundation is located at the Seed Valley headquarters in Hoorn. All the activities organised by Seed Valley are initiated and planned out of the Seed Valley headquarters. What do we do exactly and who are the team members behind this successful ‘recipe’?

The Seed Valley team exists of Delia and Marije. These two communication professionals create, coordinate, and execute the Seed Valley activities. Together with the 3500 colleagues of the various companies.

What do we do? We:

  • post on average 300 vacancies and internships per year on our website;
  • make sure you don’t miss out on anything about our sector on social media;
  • work together with teachers of secondary and higher education;
  • help students with finding an internship;
  • promote the career opportunities and the sector at career events;
  • coordinate guest lectures and company visits;
  • answer all your questions about this innovative sector.

Do you have a question? Please contact us.

The board of directors of Seed Valley

The board of the Seed Valley Foundation consists of representatives of seed companies, education institutes, and governmental bodies.

  • Erik-Jan Bartels Incotec Chairman
  • Jeroen de Haas De Groot en Slot Treasurer
  • Pieter Gabriëls Bejo Secretary
  • Jan Willem Griep Syngenta
  • Jurgen Holtz Vonk
  • Allison Thomas Enza Zaden
  • Pauline Klinkhamer Dekker Chrysanten