Cookie policy

What are cookies?

Cookies are small, digital pieces of information, saved on your computer or mobile devices (tablet and/or smartphone). These pieces of information will be read by the website each time you return to the site. Cookies improve the website’s usability by saving your preferences.

Types of cookies

Functional cookies: add vital functionalities to this website. For example, functional cookies save your account- and contact information. Therefore, you will not have to provide these again on your next visit to our website.
Analytical cookies: collect information that will help us to analyze the usability of our website. Based on this information we can improve our user-friendliness. The information we receive through these cookies is fully anonymous and can’t be traced back to you. This way, we are able to guarantee your privacy.
Tracking cookies: are used for campaigns and advertisements. These cookies can be used to link our website statistics to a visitor profile. It helps us to form a clear image of our target group and therefore, we will be able to adjust our website to your preferences. Content and advertisements will, for example, be a lot more relevant and interesting. They can only be used with your permission. However, the information does not enable us to identify you in person. The visitor profile we set up will not be linked to your name, email address or other personal information.


Seed Valley only uses cookies to the extent you consented to that use in advance. You can decide whether you wish to accept cookies and are also always free to revoke your consent to the use of cookies. If you do not wish to receive any cookies at all, you can change the settings on your Internet browser so that the use of all cookies is blocked. Please note that this will mean that some functionalities will be disabled. You will still be able to visit the Seed Valley website for information.

Which cookies does Seed Valley use?

We use functional, analytical and tracking cookies. Keep reading for more information about these cookies and their specific purpose on our website.
Google Tag Manager: this software is used to implement tracking codes in our website.
Smartlook: this software provides us with an insight in the user behavior on our website. It measures the visitors registration, creates heatmaps, makes it possible to execute incident tracking and gives us an insight in the conversion funnels. This fully anonymous data shows us the points of improvement on our site.
Facebook pixel: a tool that measures the effect of our Facebook advertisements. This tool will help us via the Facebook Custom Audience cookie to show the ad to the right target group and to create specific target groups for advertising. Furthermore, the Facebook Connect cookie gives you the direct possibility to follow Seed Valley on Facebook.
DoubleClick: is a cookie that sends advertising content from the server to the website and registers the amount of clicks on the advertisement.


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