A matter of taste

Every country or even a particular region applies different criteria to varieties. Your variety must be better than the rest. What will you do?

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Eggplant is eggplant. So you would say. Eggplant is eaten around the world, but there are considerable differences in their size and appearance.

Every country applies different criteria to a vegetable or flower variety.

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Respond to the local demands

Not only the looks, but also by local soil type, cultivation methods, and predominant plant diseases determine which variety a grower buys. To be a successful seller of vegetable seeds, the varieties that you offer must be better than all the rest.

Therefore breeders work together with experienced Sales Managers. They are the eyes and ears of the market. Sales Managers are able to identify the latest trends and know what the market is waiting for.

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“These are “graffiti” eggplants. They are named this way because of their white stripes. I haven’t tasted them, but they seem to taste different. I decided to work in the seed sector because of the societal impact. Consumers tend to forget how important crops are and how much effort it takes to provide everyone with healthy food.”

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Lisette Bakker
Applied researcher at Bakker Brothers
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Seed Valley: global centre

In Seed Valley, we work on the development of new vegetable and flower varieties. Dutch seeds are sold across the globe.

Developing crops that give higher yields with the use of as little space, energy, and water as possible: more with less, in other words. That’s driving our daily activities.