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Summer = road trip!

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Summer = road trip! Summer = road trip! Summer = road trip!

During the tenth edition of the Summer School an international group of 40 students went on a ‘road trip’ and visited different companies in the sector of plant breeding and science. BSc students from different life sciences studies gained insight in a knowledge intensive and innovative sector. During this week they discovered a sector which contributes to sustainable production of healthy food and quality of life.

Each year we welcome a motivated group of students in Seed Valley. This year we were blessed with two visits. The group learned about crop protection and the selection of new flower varieties at Syngenta, where they also visited the fields. Enza Zaden showed them different work places in a tour and during the day they presented the whole process of developping new seeds. From marketing and creation until production and sales, not one but of this innovatice proces was left behind.

*Summer School “Meet the fascinating world of Green Genetics” was organized by Wageningen Academy.





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