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SEEDS on the origin of food crops


The Westfries Museum in Hoorn is hosting a special double exhibition up to 24 May. ‘SEEDS: on the origin of food crops’ and ’Bloemrijk, botanische kunst’ (Floral, botanical art). At the opening of the exhibition, Peter van der Toorn, a board member of Seed Valley, gave an account of the work of Jos Jansen, the photographer who in 2014 produced an outstanding photo documentary focusing on plant and seed research. Here is an extract from the introduction by Peter van der Toorn:

‘The pictures were used to provide a visual presentation of the breeding process. They gradually turned into a story. And this story encapsulates an enchanting, poetic beauty. When you visit the exhibition, you may find it difficult to see the beauty. After all, the plants you will see are sick and dying. They fall victim to their natural enemies: fungi and bacteria. Their appearance is not good. But perhaps it is the beauty of the phoenix rising from the ashes: the breeders find the few plants that survive and dissect their genetic code to make a new generation of plants healthy and strong.’

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