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Seed company Ergon International joins Seed Valley


On march 15 2012, seed company Ergon International announced that the company will join forces with the Seed Valley cluster.

Ergon International – founded in 1995 and operating from Enkhuizen, The Netherlands – imports and exports vegetable seeds, emphasizing on crops like tomato, (water)melon, short cucumber and (hot) peppers. Ergon exports to approximately thirty countries around the Mediterranean Sea, the Middle-East and Eastern Europe.

Under de trademark Ergon Seed, the company markets vegetable varieties that yield a good and stable production under a wide range of circumstances. “In the areas that Ergon operates in, one can not sell seeds that come with a an extensive growers manual”, states director / owner Jan J. de Bruin. “Ergon International is a company that takes the demands of the market seriously and takes action adequately”. He illustrates this with the following metaphor: “Our customers have no use for a thoroughbred racehorse. They need a strong draught horse that performs well under all circumstances”.


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