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In #theweekof, we get to have a look within the workweek of young professionals in Seed Valley.

Hi! My name is Jory, I am 26 years old and have been working at Bayer Crop Science in Enkhuizen for five years. After six months of working in the packaging department, I have now been working as an Operations Specialist at the cleaning department for 4.5 years. Together with my colleagues, we make sure the seeds are free of diseases and have a good germination capacity. Our daily job also includes removing light seeds, twigs, soil and other chaff particles. This way, we are responsible for ensuring that the vegetable seeds can be sent to customers in top condition. Today I’d like to show you how I contribute to that process!

Thanks for joining me during my work week! Together with my colleagues in Seed Valley, I work to ensure the global availability of healthy vegetables and colourful flowers. In doing so, we constantly face new challenges. The big question is: What will you do?

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