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Incotec and Plant Health Care announce licencing deal

Incotec and Plant Health Care, a leading provider of naturally derived products to the agriculture and horticulture industries, announce that the two companies will work together to develop novel uses for Myconate around the world.

Myconate encourages plant growth by stimulating the colonization of plant roots by beneficial soil microorganisms called mycorrhizal fungi. With more mycorrhizal fungi at work, each plant can develop a bigger root mass and draw more nutrients and moisture out of the soil. More than five years of successful field trials provide product efficacy with increased yields, during tests, of up to 30% depending upon crop and location.

Incotec and Plant Health Care have signed a non-exclusive, multi-year agreement to develop and market Plant Health Care’s Myconate in combination with Incotec’s proprietary seed treatment packages. Plant Health Care will contribute its Myconate technology and introduce its current customers to Incotec seed treatments. It is intended that Myconate will become a standard element of farmer’s seeding and planting programmes on a global basis.

The board of Plant Health Care believes that this deal further validates the potential of Myconate to deliver yield increases and plant health benefits. “This is an important breakthrough in our strategy to gain market penetration for Myconate” said John Brady, CEO of Plant Health Care. “Incotec is an excellent partner and a major player in seed treatment with a worldwide customer base, with whom we look forward to working closely.”

JanWillem Breukink, CEO of INCOTEC commented: “ We are very pleased with this cooperation as we believe Myconate is a very innovative product, that in combination with Incotec’s products and technologies provides unique combinations to make plants stronger and to increase yields.”

Source: Incotec full press release


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