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How Seed Valley contributes to the SDG’s


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In the coming months we will release inspiring video’s that share how the Dutch seed industry contributes to these goals. Producing more with less is an important drive for the sector, long before the official statement of the goals. How do we work on reduction of plant protection materials? How to cope with climate change? You have the chance to attend our first (online) edition of Seed Valley Talks.

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All goals are considered important, but there are a few with a specific link to our sector*. We will publish videos related to the following goals: 

How Seed Valley contributes to the SDG’s1. No poverty
Farmers are supported in their personal development and are educated in the application of seed and young plants, which results in a better income perspective.

How Seed Valley contributes to the SDG’s 2. Zero hunger 
The development of new varieties and high-quality seeds and young plants increases the productivity of agriculture, and cultivation is carried out sustainably. 

How Seed Valley contributes to the SDG’s7. Affordable and clean energy 
The development of varieties and cultivation methods that require less energy, such as heat and light.

How Seed Valley contributes to the SDG’s8. Decent work and economic growth

Innovation and interesting jobs contribute to increased economic productivity. Good working conditions are essential.

How Seed Valley contributes to the SDG’s12. Responsible consumption and production 

Robust and resistant varieties are being developed to continue to provide a good yield in a changing climate.

How Seed Valley contributes to the SDG’s13. Climate action  

Resources are used consciously, and products are developed that require a minimal amount of crop protection, water, and fertilizer.

How Seed Valley contributes to the SDG’s15. Life on land 

Biodiversity is being used sustainably, and benefits from their use are distributed fairly.

*All the
above-mentioned goals have sub-goals that contribute to achieving the primary goal. Next to that, the goals are developed to be integrated. This means that the improvement in one goal can lead to an improvement in another. 


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