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In #theweekof, we get to have a look within the workweek of young professionals in Seed Valley.

I am Eliza, a project employee at Seed Valley HQ. I have been working at Seed Valley for over a year now. My nickname at the office is ‘social media queen’. But social media is not the only thing I am responsible for. Curious to see and read more? Watch my week!


Monday – 10:00 am
Good morning! My colleagues are back at the office after a ‘baby-boom’. On Monday morning, we usually start our week with a meeting. To discuss what we did the previous week and to discuss what is on for the new week. Unfortunately, we don’t always have such pastries on Monday morning …








Monday – 1:00 pm 

Sneak peek! Today I’m recording for our item #5QuestionsTo. This time, we’re recording Jaap Mazereeuw (CEO of Enza Zaden) for #5QuestionsToJaap. The interview is online now.









Monday – 4:30 pm
I finished the recording, so right now, I’m at Syngenta to pick up these beauties. These are going with me to the Wageningen University tomorrow.










Tuesday – 13:00
At the WUR today! Together with our Pop Friends, we’re attending a career event. Our stand is fully ready, and so are we!









Wednesday – 09:00 am 
My other office nickname is chief Plant Rover: our mobile LED cart. Secondary schools can borrow a cart and conduct their research within their classroom. Currently, I’m at the Caland Lyceum in Amsterdam for the last evaluation round and presentations: how can plants survive and grow within the dessert?



Wednesday – 03:00 pm
Visiting Bejo. You are currently reading about my week, but we have no time to sit and stare. Therefore, I’m already speaking with other young professionals about sharing their week. Together with Bjorn, we’re brainstorming about pictures and videos to fill in his week.








Thursday – 12:00 pm 
Hi Leiden! More than 100 students are listening to a guest lecture of Gert Jan from Enza Zaden. Including tasty sandwiches!


#elizaweekThursday – 02:00 pm
Thumbs up! Lots of students, a great lecture and interesting questions. Happy us :)













Friday – 09:00 am 
TGIF! Most of the time, I just work at the office. At the moment, I’m developing and designing a new goodie, but it’s not that simple.










Friday – 11:00 am 
Friday is always a very relaxed day at the office. That means I have time for more creative tasks, such as editing videos.










Friday – 5:30 pm 
Luckily we do not have these every Friday: late afternoon meetings with the board! Together with our board, we discuss the plans and events for the coming period. We just finished, that means time for the weekend!










Together we contribute to a healthy and flowering world. We’re constantly facing new challenges and I work on the solutions. What will you do? 

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