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Bayer CropScience scholarship for breeding academy


Bayer CropScience awards a full scholarship including tuition and travel costs for participation in the 2011 European Plant Breeding Academy (EPBA). The Academy offers a maximum of 20 participants a professional development course in advanced plant breeding designed and managed by the Seed Biotechnology Center at University of California, Davis, California (UC Davis). At the end of the two-year course, participants will have the skills and know-how to start a career as a professional plant breeder in the seed industry. Seed Valley is a hosting partner of the EPBA.

For Bayer CropScience, this scholarship recognizes the importance of plant breeding excellence and the increasing demand for skilled experts especially in Europe.

“Bayer CropScience is proud to support the UC Davis European Plant Breeding Academy,” said Mike Gilbert, Global Head of Breeding & Trait Development at Bayer CropScience. “As we grow and sustain our successful global seeds and traits business, we rely on teams of highly competent plant breeders who can understand and can optimize all of the modern plant breeding tools available. We also appreciate a healthy source of skills and knowledge in the science of plant breeding and are pleased to contribute to opportunities such as these,” explained Gilbert.

“We recognize Bayer CropScience as a leading and credible partner in the plant science industry which is important for UC Davis in the development and delivery of the highest quality professional development,” said Dr. Kent Bradford, Director of the Seed Biotechnology Center at the UC Davis. “We are especially delighted that Bayer CropScience is offering this scholarship to help ensure advanced plant breeding skills are more widely realized especially in European growth markets.”

The European Plant Breeding Academy relies on combined industry efforts from key partners in each country hosting a module including FlandersBio (Belgium), the European Seed Association (Belgium), Vegepolys (France), Leibniz Institute of Plant Genetics and Crop Plant Research (Germany), the German Plant Breeders Association, Seed Valley and Naktuinbouw in The Netherlands, Center for Research in Agricultural Genomics in Spain and the Spanish Plant Breeders Association.

The first Academy program was offered in 2006 and has since attracted 66 participants from 17 countries and over 40 organizations. It involves six one week intensive modules over a two year period.

The 2011/12 program commences in October 2011 with modules to take place in Belgium, France, Germany, The Netherlands, Spain and the USA. More information about the European Plant Breeding Academy and the Bayer CropScience Scholarship are available at

Source: press release UC Davis


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