Intern Cell Biology

BachelorMaster Enkhuizen

What you tell your friends you are doing

“optimize protocols to regenerate vegetable crops in a lab.”

What you are going to do

As an intern in Cell Biology, you will work together with researchers at the Cell Biology department and related departments. Your main objective during this project will be to set up and optimize protocols to regenerate monocot vegetable crops in-vitro. Therefore, you will dive deep into literature and consult your colleagues at Enza Zaden, to set up a proposal for a selection of protocols. You will be testing this selection in practice in the lab and ultimately end up with the best suitable protocol possible.

Due to your inquisitive and persistent nature, you are able to determine the right approach by testing different lab techniques. Because you prove yourself to be a future researcher, Enza Zaden will be able to move forward in this interesting subject! You will be of great value to the Researcher Cell Biology, who is also your supervisor.

Natural talent

Driven by your curiosity you like to dig yourself into a challenging research question. You love to find out how biological processes exactly work. You want to learn more about plant & cell biology and about how this field of research can contribute to the generation of vegetable varieties. Of course, you are also able to work accurately, as you are dealing with sensitive protocols and live cells. It is easy for you to maintain focus, keep an eye on the end goal and deliver results. Since you will work in an international team, you are eager to work and learn together.

In short, you:

  • You are in the last year of your BSc or MSc plant-, cell- or biotechnology study.
  • You have laboratory and sterile handling experience.
  • You are interested in plant biology.
  • You are an independent worker.
  • You are available for a period of minimally 6 months (preferably starting October 2021).
  • You speak fluent English.

About Enza Zaden

Enza Zaden is a vegetable breeding company that develops vegetable varieties. And produces and sells its seeds all over the world. We have made an animation to explain to you what we do.

The purpose of our work? To offer everyone worldwide access to healthy and varied vegetables. With more than 2000 passionate colleagues all over the world, we work together every day on the vegetables of tomorrow.

Take your chance

If you´re interested, look at the Enza Zaden website for further details.